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At The Celtic Academy we are able to offer a large array of small group training and classes for our for both members and non-members

  • The Game at Celtic Academy

    The Game!

    Here at the Celtic Academy, we are a ‘Life Changing Training’ facility who believe very strongly in doing things right. We are not a commercial vehicle attempting to exploit disciples of the fitness industry or […]
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  • Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 14.38.55

    Olympic Weightlifting

    Olympic Weightlifting was once the territory of the died hard lifter but due to the physical qualities it develops (power, strength, force production) transferring extremely well to sports performance, it has recently become a more mainstream way […]
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  • Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 14.20.09

    Metabolic Resistance Training – MetCon Classes

    Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is considered to be one of the most efficient training methods in order to burn body fat. MRT combines high intensity resistance training with a cardiovascular stimulus which together provide a […]
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  • Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 14.42.22

    Strength Development

    This Group Training does exactly what it says on the tin! If you’re looking to get significantly stronger and/or more powerful for your sport, to improve your posture or purely because its enjoyable, this group class is […]
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  • celticacademy-27

    Modified Strongman/women Training (MST)

    MST is an increasingly popular alternative type of training for all ages and abilities. MST is now a staple part of a huge number of Elite sports training because of its great transfer from training to the […]
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