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We like to keep things simple up at Celtic Academy and that’s why we only have 3 membership options for you. All 3 of them are non-contractual and operate on a 30-day rolling membership.




Option number 1 is our Open Gym membership which costs £30 per month. This gives you access to the gym during our Open Gym hours and is a great membership choice for those wanting to do their own thing when it comes to training.

Open Gym runs Monday ro Friday from 16:00 to 19:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00

​Option number 2 is our Class Only membership, which as the name suggests gives you access to all of the classes that run up at Celtic Academy. From metabolic conditioning to strength development, our classes offer you everything you need to achieve a great level of all round fitness, health and wellbeing. This membership also costs £30 per month.

Our final option is our All Inclusive membership priced at £40 per month, which gives you the best of all things Celtic Academy by combining our Open Gym and Class Only membership into one. This membership enables you to take part in as many classes as you’d like but also gives you full access to open gym so you can do your own thing as and when you want to as well.

Open Gym and Classes are also available on a Pay As You Go basis at £5 per person per session.

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