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There are exercises bikes and Wattbikes! The ultimate indoor cycling experience, cyclists and triathletes will boost their endurance and strength, general fitness enthusiastic will burn a shed load of calories. Measuring your power output in watts, heart rate and pedalling technique. Wattbike sessions will  get the most out of you.

Days & Times


Monday 9am

Tuesday 6pm

Thursday 6pm

Friday 10am

Saturday 10am

Improve your fitness levels across multiple training modalities (cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, flexibility and more) in a fun filled, action packed 60-minute class.

Wattbike Class.jpg



£7 per session


£60 Block of 10

wattbike group class.jpg

Whatever your level of fitness, Wattbike will push you to your limits. As you get fitter, faster and stronger, we’ll up the intensity to make sure you’re on a continuous progression to a better you.

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